What My Friends Describe About Me

A person called bestfriend

Whenever I recall our great moments together,my tears would just fall down very easily.See how close we're till people around us would just said "korang ni macam adik bradik dah aku tgok".Yess I'll 101% agree if u're disgusting me yet I feel so lucky to have a bestfriend just like you who was very caring about me even I guess I've done a big mistake when you need me very badly on that time.I am so sorry and I pinky promise it aint happen twice.You got everything that a bestfriend needs,you could make me laugh,smile and cry as well.You could just wiped my tears and lend your shoulder to make me cry on.You would pushed me to tell my secret even I've said "yess,I am okay".You could make everyone envy with our stupid attitude just like a cute child we're arguing each other hee it was very fun to have a day with you.Thanks fer everything that u've done that make me feel comfortable to accept you as my bestfriend,Azizul Ezwan.And thanks fer being by my side everytime I need you :')
Last but not least,thanks fer the call just now cause Im feeling moree better now.I love you,bestfriend.

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